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January 17, 2007

Deion Sanders — All prime, all the time

Is there a better football commentator working right now?

Neon is absolutely sensational in his role as an analyst on the NFL network's filler shows that make up, basically, all of its programming.

Sure, there are replays of good games and press conferences with coaches and players but in the end it's all about the talking heads, led by Prime Time.

When Sanders and Marshall Faulk were pressed into service a few weeks ago to handle the analysis during the second half of a regular season game in which regular analyst Dick Vermeil's laryngitis rendered him hors de combat, the pair were simply superb.

Why isn't Sanders a regular Sunday game analyst for CBS or Fox?

Just wait: he will be.

And I haven't even mentioned his amazing "Prime Time" two-minute-long solo riff at the end of each day's NFL network programming, in which he semi-raps on everything and anything football-related, including how a player can best show off his sensational threads, jabs at coaches, players and commentators, and hilarious asides about whatever catches his fancy.

You GO Deion!

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