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January 17, 2007

Kiehl's — For your dog


Brand extension crosses species lines with Kiehl's new venture into Fido-friendly products.

Rachel Machacek tried Kiehl's Spray-n-Play Cleaning Spritz on Coopie, her black chihuahua, with quite positive results.

She wrote, in the January 14, 2007 Washington Post Sunday Source section, "No grooming product in the world will pluck your pup's tail from between his legs when it's bath time, but Kiehl's barks up the right tree with its no-rinse shampoo. (No water equals no shivering pooch or wet floors). The lickety-split process of spritzing, massaging and toweling off had Coopie, my unhappy black Chihuahua-slash-lab rat, happily chasing his tail in les than eight minutes. And his hair? A Breck girl would kill for the smooth texture and shine."


No — don't even think about "borrowing" it when you run out of shampoo... you dog.

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