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January 25, 2007

Ray Earhart's Floor Desk: Way cool — and you can make it yourself


My readers are so smart.

Ray Earhart sent me the email below, complete with instructions and pictures, about his design and fabrication of a custom floor desk (above) to ease his back pain.

Yes — he's decided he is going to take it lying down.

Here's the email:

    Hi Joe,

    It's been a little while since I bothered you so here goes....

    My wife and I have a little web site that is fortunately big enough to be our full time jobs. Unfortunately, it means sitting in front of computer most of the day (and evening).

    One of my biggest issues is that I have been suffering from a bad back for a while and sitting for any length of time worsens the condition. When I saw your December 15, 2006 article about not sitting up straight it gave me some hope.


    A great idea but I really didn't have enough room to build a desk like this. So....

    My second thought went like this....


    That's because it's usually where you'll find me soon after I get home — Flat On My Back. So after a little sketching, laying on the floor with miscellaneous pieces of wood, a protractor and the damned dog staring at me, off to the garage I went.


    That's Version 1 above. Made out of spare 3/4" plywood and big enough for my laptop. It's a really big laptop.

    Then while surfin' around last week I come across an article on BoingBoing. Damn, it's cool. Too big (below) and undoubtedly a little more expensive than mine.


    "The Ergopod 500 is a clever system for supporting a PC, mouse, keyboard and work-areas, intended for use by heavy computer users, particularly those with special physical needs. One of its many adjustable modes is a 'work supine' and 'work in bed' version that gives you everything you need in easy reach from the comfort of your own bed. I'm able-bodied, but holy moley, this is the lazy Sunday computing solution I've always dreamt of! Add a bar-fridge and you'd have a perfect morning." [via Neatorama and boingboing]

    But you have to admit, my wife [top] makes this thing look good!

    Me and my back thank you for the inspiration.

    And, in keeping with the joehead tradition... I hope someone will take this idea and start producing them for us. Cheaply.

    Keep up the great work,


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what a good idea. this will make easier to work with notebook. especially for who have back ache. i would buy something like that.
But a little detail that is about blood ciculation in arms has been forgot.

PS: My english isn't good enough. so sorry (:

Posted by: shadowplay | Jan 30, 2007 5:21:32 PM

I'll do that this week.

I would really like some feedback (bad pun?) on this as there are a few more things to work out. When I figure out where to post it I'll post the link here.

Posted by: ray | Jan 26, 2007 5:35:59 PM

You aought to take some some measurements and post the plans...

Posted by: JoeBlo | Jan 26, 2007 3:27:05 PM

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