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January 15, 2007

Step-On-It Super Size Dust Pan


One of those things that's so obvious once you see it, you wonder why no one came up with it before.

Maybe if people weren't wasting so much time on the internet they'd have the mental space to think up stuff like this.

joe — you're biting the hand that feeds you... watch out.

Oh, am I?

And just what is on the menu today, if I might be so bold as to ask?

Oh, stop it.

Geez, you two....

From the website:

    Super Size Step-On-It Dust Pan

    No Bending — Step & Sweep!

    Our super size dust pan has a unique, patented “foot-hold” design that frees both hands for easy, almost effortless cleaning.

    Since it’s bigger than other dust pans, you’ll finish sweeping chores faster — indoors or out.

    Recessed pan holds dirt in place until disposal.


"Almost effortless cleaning?"

Sign me up.


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