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February 6, 2007

'The test of whether or not you own something is, can you sell it?'


I don't know know where I read the quotation in the headline above but I've always believed it to be the very best test of ownership.

For example, you may think you own your body — but using this test, you don't.

Because it is illegal to sell your kidney or other body parts.

For now.

I saw the T-shirt pictured above on the makezine website.

I beg to differ with the sentiment inscribed thereon.

I can't open my head — but I do believe I own it.

Perhaps not.

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How to tell if you're old or not


It occurred to me yesterday while I watched all the post-Super Bowl sports chat shows and read all the stories about how Tony Dungy (above) is the first African-American coach to have won the Super Bowl.

Prior to Sunday's game it was all about how the game featured the first two black coaches to have ever led their teams to the Super Bowl.

Guess what?

The only people who find the above facts of interest are old.

No one under 20 knows these are remarkable milestones — because no one under 20 notices — or cares — if the coaches are African-American, American Indian, Inuit or Lapp.

I find it remarkable, all the noise about the coaches' race.

And I'm glad young people neither notice nor care.

That's the future — and it works.

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BehindTheMedspeak: ChronicBabe.com


"An online community for younger women with chronic health issues."

Jenni Prokopy (above), a Chicago writer, started it in 2005.

Of course, if you take a longer view, Samuel Beckett might be considered the patron saint of this website.

After, all, consider this ongoing thing called life: no one gets out alive.


Or is there a backdoor?

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Plasti Dip — Do-it-yourself rubber handles


Get a grip.

From the company's website:

    Plasti Dip® Multi-Purpose Rubber Coating

    A flexible, synthetic, multi-purpose rubber coating that exhibits excellent moisture, acid, alkaline and abrasion resistance.

    • Flexible — won't crack, chip or become brittle

    • Insulates — electrical shock, vibration, heat; deadens sound

    • Grip — provides safe non-slip comfort and control

    • Durable — resists weather, chemicals, impact and abrasion


In Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Clear or White.


7.25 oz. for $5.50.

[via Terrie Miller and makezine]

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The Visible Spectrum — Episode 2: ColorMatters.com


Episode 1 on January 19, 2007 resulted in a heads-up email from a joehead in Singapore about this wonderful site, created by professor J. L. Morton.

An enormous amount of fun, interesting and useful stuff here.

Fair warning: there goes the day.

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Who's that girl?


People change.

Answer here this time tomorrow.

[via anonymous]

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How to override a locked-down PC to play Go


Bob Parks, in Volume 5 of MAKE magazine, wrote about a nifty hack by Karl Sigler, a computer security expert, which lets you use a CD he's created to substitute a tiny version of Linux called Hikarunix for the native OS on PCs in cafes, training stations and libraries.

Here's the article.


The CD (top) is $7.99.

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3M Linerless Self-Fusing Rubber Electrical Splicing Tape


[Really long product name] story short: "It fuses to itself to form a nearly perfect waterproof bond," wrote Jonathan Foote in MAKE magazine.

He continued, "To use it, you cut a short piece off the roll, stretch to activate it, and tightly wrap your splice. The result is a neatly insulated tube of tough black rubber."


For all-voltage splicing, jacketing and general insulating.


0.75"W x 15-foot-long roll.



[via Jonathan Foote and makezine]

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