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February 27, 2007

Dark Chocolate M&Ms — Now at a Kroger near me


I have proof: I'm eating some that I just purchased, not 10 minutes ago.

Since, as a rule, I prefer dark to milk chocolate, it would seem a no-brainer to me (as most things are, of necessity due to initial conditions — but I digress) that I'd prefer this new iteration (released in the summer of 2006, it turns out — word travels slowly here in Charlottesville) to the old tried-and-true one — but that would not be the case, it turns out.

For some reason the dark chocolate ones are strangely flat and not delicious like their older, lighter brethren.

A similar phenomenon was noted in my exploration of the Dark Chocolate Raisinets


gustatory space last month: not very good.

Old ways are the best ways, it would appear, when it comes to messing around with iconic candies.


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Parrot Pen with Voice Recorder — Lights up when the parrot speaks!


Winner of bookofjoe's Best Pen of the Year Award — the contest is now closed.

From the website:

    Parrot Pen With Voice Recorder

    This parrot pen will help you speak your mind in more ways than one — it writes and talks!

    • Speak clearly into the microphone to record any phrase, up to six seconds long

    • Press the play button to hear your message

    • Watch the red flashlight illuminate when the parrot speaks

    • Recordings can be changed over and over

    • Pen measures approximately 6" long

    • Colors vary

    • For age 6+


Don't wait too long 'cause once these sell out — which they will in a New York minute after this shout-out — you'll be cry-cry-crying.

Trust me.


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Krispy Kreme Whole Wheat Doughnuts — A brand extension too far


For a moment there I thought I was still reading MAD magazine but no, it's today's Washington Post I'm holding in my hand, staring at what purports to be a picture of Krispy Kreme's new Whole Wheat Doughnuts (above), introduced yesterday.


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Shoes to wear with the world's scariest tights


Pictured above, they're Dolce & Gabbana's new silver-studded stilettos.

$560 at D&G stores and boutiques everywhere.

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What, me worry? The complete MAD magazine on DVD


Every page of every single issue of MAD magazine (over 600), as they were originally published — printable.

Over 17,500 pages in full-color.

$39.99 at Amazon is cheap at twice the price.

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'What makes it possible for weeds to grow through a two-inch-thick asphalt sidewalk?'



    Hercules in the Garden

    Q. What makes it possible for weeds to grow through a two-inch-thick asphalt sidewalk?

    A. The amazing strength of plants, from the mighty oak to the slenderest shoot or root, involves their inexorable growth and expansion by cell division. But it also depends on access to a water supply and on two interacting processes for handling water: osmosis and imbibition.

    Water enters a plant’s roots and moves through its cells by way of osmosis, diffusing through cell membranes from regions of weak concentrations of dissolved materials to regions of higher concentrations.

    Imbibition is the swelling of plant tissues to several times their original volume. It comes about as the electrical charges on materials in suspension within the cells of the tissue make these substances interact with the polarized water molecules, which perform like tiny magnets. The suspended materials include minerals, cellulose and starches.

    Imbibition is responsible for the germination of seeds in the first place, and can continue within a plant’s growth cells, leading to a tremendous internal pressure. Over short periods and long — sometimes over many years, in the case of tree growth — the result can be enough power to break sidewalks or even boulders.


[via C. Claiborne Ray's "Q&A" column in the February 20, 2007 New York Times Science section]

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Heatless iRon


"The revolutionary iRon heralds the end of the steam age. Utilising advanced micro-hyper-kinetic metatechnology, it works by agitating then aligning the molecules of crumplitude. The 'ironic' old-school toggle switch is the only control: one click and you're ready to go. So press on, keep one in the office. You don't even have to undress, you can iRon your suit in situ, no sweat."

[via James Ferguson in the Financial Times February 23, 2007 "How To Spend It" supplement]

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MorphWorld: Katty Kay into Robin Wright Penn


I'd never heard of Katty Kay (above), BBC World's American-based anchor, until I read Howard Kurtz's story about her in yesterday's Washington Post.

She's 42, Mrs. Penn (below)


is 40.

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