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February 1, 2007

Clip-On Accelerometer


Pedometers are so 20th century.

Besides, you just never know when a launch will break out.

From the website:


    More than a pedometer which only measures steps taken, this accelerometer uses a precision motion sensor (similar to the technology that NASA uses to monitor the movements of astronauts in space) to calculate total physical activity and calories burned from physical movements including those that do not require walking, such as gardening, housekeeping or office work.

    After you enter your weight, the device measures the frequency, duration and intensity of your movements and converts this information into calories burned, while the nine-day memory feature allows you to track your progress.

    About the size of a pocket watch, the accelerometer clips to a belt and the hinged face allows you to read the LCD without removing it from your waist.

    Includes one CR2032 button-cell battery.

    2-1/2" sq. x 1-1/4" H.

    Weighs 1/2 oz.


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2006 has brought some really interesting tech gizmos for weight loss.

Coming from an engineering background, my guess is there are a lot of bored product engineers out there.

2007 seems to be following the pattern. I guess you haven't gotten to the Cellubike or the water bottle that tells you to drink more. And it's only the beginning of February.

And why is it that everything nowadays is using the catch phrase NASA Approved or NASA Engineered?

Posted by: Sharon | Feb 1, 2007 8:34:56 PM

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