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February 15, 2007

Fried Sushi — The apocalypse is nigh


Pictured above, it was the subject of yesterday's Washington Post Food section story by Elizabeth Chang.

It's the creation of New Tokyo restaurant in North Potomac, Maryland (a Washington, D.C. suburb).

Here's the story.

    Worth the Trip: Golden Ocean Roll

    Fried sushi is a tasty trend found at New Tokyo restaurant, where some of the maki (seaweed-wrapped) rolls are deep-fried or contain fried ingredients. The Golden Ocean Roll ($12.95) is filled with raw seafood and avocado, dipped in tempura batter and fried, then cut into 10 pieces. The slices are dabbed with a spicy sauce and dusted with flakes of 24-carat gold, a touch chef Eizi Nakazima picked up in his native Japan. The tempura coating — inspired, the chef says, by the warm sand during a Hawaiian sunset — lends a satisfying crispness.

    The islands are also evoked by the popular Hawaii Volcano Roll ($11.95), filled with avocado, imitation crab and crunchy shrimp tempura. The six pieces are layered into a triangular shape; a lighted candle perches on the top and "lava" (the secret spicy sauce) pours down the sides. Sushi purists will shudder, but it's a lot of fun. Both rolls are served with miso soup.


New Tokyo restaurant is located at 12115 Darnestown Road in North Potomac; 301-208-1430.

As always, the bookofjoe guarantee is operative: should you try this item and not enjoy it, or be in any way dissatisfied with your purchase, simply send me the uneaten portion and I will cheerfully refund every penny you paid.

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I live in Manteca, a little farming community in California's central valley, and the one Sushi place in town has been doing this for at least five years now. I love the fried shrimp rolls and tempura'd rolls especially. With the exception of the gold (silly) this is a been there and done that from small town USA.
Oh, and it's only $4.50.

Posted by: TechSupport | Feb 16, 2007 10:23:50 AM

I've had tempura'd ingredients in sushi a few times. Adds a texture you aren't really ready for in something like this but still pretty good. While making my own, I've added that nasty french fried onions into the rice -- you know, the canned stuff that seems to show up on Thanksgiving! Mmmmm....

The one I've had at the restaurants was from up in Chicago and it had a spicy mayonnaise that I've never been able to find again...they put the same stuff on the octopus sushi and that sauce was by far the best thing about the two dishes (not that the rest was anything to sneeze at). Hmmmm...wonder if the snow has receded enough to find any open sushi bars tonight...

Posted by: clifyt | Feb 15, 2007 1:31:32 PM

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