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February 26, 2007

MorphWorld: Mike Mayock's voice into Daffy Duck's


After a weekend listening to the draft guru opine on the NFL Network at the Combine in Indianapolis, I've grown to kind of like his lisp and mildly spluttery delivery, evocative of how Daffy Duck (above) might sound if he'd had speech therapy.

When you see Mayock (below)


on TV it's hard to think of him as other than your typical dweeb-become-football-guru, but the truth is that he was a defensive back for the New York Giants.

FunFact: Daffy Duck's voice was modeled after that of Warner Brothers producer Leon Schlesinger, who had a tendency to lisp.

One of Schlesinger's colleagues at Warner Brothers said he never realized what they'd done.

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mike i fill as though you u do not respect the pac- 10 at all if your'e not a big a big name school u do not talk about therm just u did not make it in the nfl (u were sorry as a player u don't have to hate show so much hate for the pac-10. i'm old school and yes you we're sorry as a player did some one from the west school u that bad......u need to be forereal u are ful of shit ...yes i said it u were shit as a player and shit as a person u need to check yourself...

Posted by: darnell helton | Mar 26, 2007 3:31:42 AM

"One of Schlesinger's colleagues at Warner Brothers said he never realized what they'd done."

Schlesinger was not alone. In an interview after the release of Frankenstein Boris Karloff was asked if his lisp had caused difficulty in getting stage roles such as his acclaimed Hamlet. His reply? "Lithp? What lithp?"

Posted by: teqjack | Feb 26, 2007 10:05:41 PM

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