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February 6, 2007

Plasti Dip — Do-it-yourself rubber handles


Get a grip.

From the company's website:

    Plasti Dip® Multi-Purpose Rubber Coating

    A flexible, synthetic, multi-purpose rubber coating that exhibits excellent moisture, acid, alkaline and abrasion resistance.

    • Flexible — won't crack, chip or become brittle

    • Insulates — electrical shock, vibration, heat; deadens sound

    • Grip — provides safe non-slip comfort and control

    • Durable — resists weather, chemicals, impact and abrasion


In Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Clear or White.


7.25 oz. for $5.50.

[via Terrie Miller and makezine]

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Does the consistency seem like it would mix well with another color? I want pink tools!

I am SO tired of men taking my tools! My dad gave me a basics tool kit (red), and put in about 8-10 basic beginner tools. I had them for years and years, until I got married. The ex couldn't keep his hands out of my tools, then wouldn't put them back, and they'd disappear.

Different man, same story a few years later (I'd added a few of my own tools by then). Now that I've finally remarried (not the 2nd one LOL), I apparently carry that tool-anger over, and told DH that he'd BETTER not borrow and lose my tools, and told him the reason why! It worked, sort of. I still can't find my Leatherman, but he did buy me a screwdriver that interchanges with a philips -- the handle has pretty pink roses on it. Aww!

Anyway, I am hoping men would be less likely to be seen using a powder-puff pink tool ;^)

Posted by: Sherri | Feb 7, 2007 5:52:40 PM

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