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March 8, 2007

TED Talks — Now open to all



People pay $6,000 to attend the annual TED (Technology Entertainment Design) conference, which began yesterday in Monterey, California.

Now Chris Anderson, TED's major domo, has decided to open the doors to the secret kingdom and let anyone watch online or download edited highlights from the conference presentations.

As of this past Monday's (March 5, 2007) New York Times Business section front page story about the conference, "the talks have been viewed 5.5 million times by 2 million people."

Chalk up one more.

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'The dog ate my homework' — Proof



From the website:

    Dog Ate My Homework Proof

    The dog ate my homework — and here’s the proof!

    Disgusting mess proves just how creative you really are.

    Dog Ate My Homework Proof is a realistic combination of scraps of paper and fake dog doo.

    You’ll certainly get an "A" for effort!


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Bok — bookofjoe welcomes Croatian readers


When over 10% of your visitors come from Croatia — which has never before today appeared in my statistics (below) —


you sit up and pay attention.

Me, I was already up and walking so I quickened my pace.

A big "Halo" to all my new friends.

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ShowerBow — Because sometimes you need a little more room...


Brian Nelson brings news of this breakthough in the showering space.

Not literally, one hopes – but one digresses.

From the website:


    Invisible from the outside.

    No leaks, no mess — no kidding!

    Up to 25% more space — instantly!

    Easy to install — just hook and enjoy.

    Pivot weight works when you need it — and tucks away when you don't.



Don't believe it?

Watch the video.


Tell them joe and Brian sent you and they'll laugh so hard you'll think you were at a comedians' convention.

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'Netflix for Nerds'


That's how Steve Koschmann described TechnicalVideoRental.com in MAKE magazine, Volume 3.

Since that time the website has changed its name to SmartFlix.

Thousands of how-to VCR tapes and DVDs in the categories up top, most renting for $9.99/week.

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Personal Programmable Electronic Digital Billboard


The office desk nameplate of the future is here today.

No more silly wooden wedges with your name etched in metal — pixels are where it's at.

From the website:

    Personal Digital Billboard

    Imagine the possibilities.

    Your very own LED electronic billboard for office, store or home.

    Just plug it in and program messages for all to see in bright red scrolling text.

    Now we're able to offer high-end digital billboard technology for hundreds less than before.

    This is the perfect time to adapt this technology for everyday use.

    Retail stores can promote sales or tell customers to visit the company website after-hours.

    Restaurants can inform guests about the specials of the day.

    Use it as a motivational tool for the office by displaying the employee of the week or month.

    Let people know about upcoming meetings.

    Take it home for unlimited uses.

    Just place it in the front window of your home.

    What a great surprise to have the Digital Billboard wish someone a "Happy Birthday" or "Happy Anniversary" with exciting scrolling text.

    Even has a built-in digital clock with seconds.

    Built-in keyboard with entire alphabet, 10 number keys and symbols allows for easy programming.

    Stores up to 26 preprogrammed messages with up to 60 characters each.

    Program letters, numbers or symbols.

    Base can be removed for easy wall mounting.

    Imagine a loved one seeing a message before they leave for work reminding them of how much you love them.

    The possibilities for work or home are only limited by your imagination.

    27"W x 6"H x 2.5"D.


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'What are we doing here with Mr. Libby? Where's Rove?'


Above, the words of Libby trial juror Dennis Collins, quoted in yesterday's Financial Times front page story.

Part of the answer to that plaintive question is buried deep in yesterday's Wall Street Journal editorial on the case and its outcome, to wit: "... Mr. Libby never retained an experienced Beltway attorney until he was indicted."

Karl Rove may not be as smart as Libby but he understands knife-in-the-back politics as practiced in Washington much better.

To that end Rove early on retained a very smooth and experienced operator, attorney Robert Luskin (top, left, with Rove), among the most skillful practitioners of the fine art of making cases not happen.

In law as in medicine, it is much easier to prevent something than to fix it after it's gone wrong.

So when, after many months of letting Rove twist in the wind while he made repeated Grand Jury appearances, special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald decided not to bring charges against him, you can bet that the skilled work of Luskin in advance of a possible indictment was a major factor.

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Faucet Foam


From the website:

    Faucet Foam

    Faucet Foam eliminates the need for a soap dish or a bottle of dish soap.

    Mixes ordinary dish soap into a consistent lather, saves time and water — and no more messy sink ledges.

    Mounts on faucet in minutes, turns on by push of a button.

    For kitchen or powder room.

    5-1/ 2 x 8".

$29.98 (Dish soap included? What do you think?)

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