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March 5, 2007

Austin Powers 'Dancing Machine' T-Dancer T-Shirt


These won't last long.

Just in from Crazy About Gadgets, whose Phillip White tipped me to it earlier today.

From the website:

    T-Dancer T-Shirt

    Started by the T-Equalizer, T-Dancer is the latest edition to the sound sensitive T-shirt craze.

    T-Dancer looks to build on this success with new designs and cooler features.

    Your very own Austin Powers-style dancer leads you into a psychedelic world with her groovy dances… yeah baby yeah.

    As the intensity of the beat of the music increases, the circular backdrop springs to life while the funky T-Dancer shows off her different moves, helping you get the party started.

    Unlike most of your girlfriends /boyfriends, T-Dancer isn’t fussy about your choice of music and will regularly be caught dancing to the sound of everything from chart-tastic radio to organ-shaking hip hop.

    Not just your bog standard black cotton T-shirt, the new T-Dancer has a newly designed, sleeker battery pack plus you get the added advantage of a slick sound sensitivity dial.

    This dial allows you to adjust the sensitivity of your chest-top dancer depending on the environment you're in.

    The end result is a fully functional fantastic light-up panel that commands everyone’s attention.

    The realistic dancer is available in sizes to fit everybody.

    Look out after dark, when T-Dancer really comes alive.

    Technical specifications:

    • Dance movements in time to the beat of music

    • Driver box with sound sensor dial

    • Sizes: S, M, L and XL

    • 100% cotton


£24.95 ($50.75; €38.35).

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