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March 7, 2007

Deep-Step Safety Ladder — Give it someone you love


Lately people in my neighborhood have been dying after sustaining falls at home.

The most recent event caused me stop and consider the catalog page featuring these ladders that I'd previously ignored.

I purchased the 4-step version ($99) and am very glad I did.


I do have an old wooden stepladder that I store up in the attic along with the crazy aunt.

The only problem with doing that (keeping it up on the second floor of my house — not storing it in the same place as the aunt) is that when I need to change a light bulb or suchlike on the first (ground) floor, I have to go upstairs, get the ladder, carry it down, blah blah blah.

A pain.

I keep the new one in the hall closet right next to the front door, and was delighted to use it for the very first time today to change light bulbs (two of three of which had expired — I think you say "burned out" in your country, am I right?) in the foyer.

It was nifty quick and lickity-split efficient, especially with that thoughtful storage bin (below)


at the top for the dead bulbs and their replacements.

From the website:

    Deep-Step Safety Ladder

    Our Deep-Step Safety Ladders are must-haves when cleaning indoors.

    Engineered in Germany, each ladder has a 100-square inch locking platform for solid footing to the very top step.

    Handy 12" x 4" lidded storage box at the top stores tools, hardware, and more.

    • Folds to a mere 4-1/2" wide for storage

    • Extra-deep 5" steps with safety treads

    • Light enough to carry in one hand

    • 330-pound weight capacity

    • Utility hook

    • Safety rail


Highly recommended for anyone you know, especially older folks who're getting on and tend not to be über-steady when standing on rickety chairs but insist on taking care of stuff around the house nonetheless.


3, 4, 5 or 8 steps: $89- $199.

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Apparently UK firemen are no longer allowed to use these when they visit to install smoke detectors - in case they fall off.

Posted by: Skipweasel | Mar 8, 2007 5:47:08 AM

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