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March 17, 2007

Hem Clips


You don't have to know a needle from a noodle to realize these must have tons of uses outside the sewing space.

Just 'cause I can't think of any doesn't mean the same is true for you.

From the website:

    Hem Clips

    Smooth, stainless-steel clips slide onto fabric and hold hem in place while you sew or baste.

    No more tedious pinning (or pricked fingertips!) — plus adjustments are a breeze.

    Built-in measure assures straight, accurate hemlines every time!

    Can also be used with press-on hem binding.

    Hem Clips measure and hold without pins.

    Ideal for skirts, dresses, drapes.

    4-1/4" long.


12 for $6.50.

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