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March 2, 2007

Wasabi and Ginger Grater



From websites:

    Wasabi and Ginger Grater

    Grating fibrous root vegetables such as horseradish and ginger with conventional graters is not an easy chore, because the fibrous root tends to become lodged in their teeth.

    This clever triangular tool has alternating sharp teeth that grip the vegetable without clogging by isolating the grated root.

    Before grating, lower the perforated stainless-steel plate over the grater surface and then rub the vegetable back and forth.

    When done, lift the perforated stainless steel plate using the convenient lever and remove the flavorful fibers.

    The Triangle grater is perfect for horseradish, ginger or any citrus fruit.


    3"W x 10"L.


Florence Fabricant reviewed this tool in the the February 28, 2007 New York Times Dining section as follows:

    Ginger Meets Its Match in a Grater

    The many plane-style graters sold in cookware stores have made grating cheeses, citrus zest, chocolate and other ingredients simpler and more efficient. Where they tend to fall short is with fresh ginger, because its fibers get stuck. And traditional porcelain ginger graters make it hard to remove the ginger and are difficult to clean.

    This new gadget, made by Triangle in Germany, has a hinged plate that fits over the grater, and it works like a charm, both for the grating and the cleanup. It's also excellent for a little fresh horseradish to add to a sauce.



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Neat! I've been putting my ginger in the blender, after scraping the skin with a spoon. I might have to try this because I hate washing the blender LOL

Posted by: Sherri | Mar 2, 2007 2:06:17 PM

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