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March 22, 2007

InStant Fill — Fuel your car like a NASCAR driver


From the website:

    InStant Fill™ — Refueling is now quicker and cleaner than ever

    Removing a gas cap can be a difficult, dirty task.

    And replacing one after you forget about it and drive away can be expensive.

    The InStant Fill's trapdoor mechanism accommodates the gas nozzle, eliminating the hassle of removing and replacing the cap each time you refuel.

    With the InStant Fill fuel cap, just insert the nozzle fully and squeeze the trigger.

    You’ll never touch a fuel cap again!

    Four different models fit over 80% of the cars on the road in North America and InStant Fill meets onboard diagnostic (OBD) emission specifications, so it will not trigger the "check engine" light on late model vehicles.


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