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March 31, 2007

No-Crease Pants Hanger Pads


From the website:

    No-Crease Pads — Keep Your Pants Crease Free!

    With No-Crease Pads you'll never have to iron twice!

    Protective covers prevent slacks from creasing and slipping off the hanger onto the floor where they would wrinkle.

    Foam pads attach easily to any size coat hanger.


Twelve for $12.95.

But joe — you only have four pairs of pants — whatcha gonna do with the other eight pads?

As Jack Benny said on his radio show back in the day, in response to a robber sticking a gun in his ribs and saying, "Your money or your life, which is it gonna be?" — "I'm thinking, I'm thinking...."

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