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March 5, 2007

Smiley Eau de Toilette — 'World's first antidepressant perfume'


That's what the manufacturer of this signal scent claims — don't beat on me about it.

Joe Heim reviewed it in yesterday's Washington Post Sunday Source "Test Drive" feature, as follows.

    Smiley Eau de Toilette

    Ever wonder what happiness smells like? For me, it's the aroma of a Big Mac and fries, but that scent is, unfortunately, a non-starter with most perfume makers. No, for the smell of cheer in a bottle, look no further than Smiley, whose makers proclaim it to be the "very first antidepressant perfume." Apparently a puff and a huff of this unisex fragrance every day just melts the gloom away. That's the idea, anyway. The "psycho-active" cocktail" was created based on studies claiming a link between happiness and certain scents. Whatever. I found the sweet, citrusy smell cloying and overripe. (Eau de toilette, indeed.) At $45 for a 1.7-ounce bottle, it's cheaper than an hour with a psychiatrist, but at least you don't leave the shrink's couch smelling as if you'd been doused with Glade.



Read a second opinion here.

The back story is here.

The fragrance was created by French designer Ora Ito.

The top note features bergamot, orange, pimento and bay leaves; the middle note is of cacao, praline and curaçao; the base note has patchouli, myrrh and musk.

A wonderful scent can indeed lift one's spirits, so the underlying idea is spot-on — whether the implementation is up to the concept, well, that's between you and your olfactory lobes, isn't it?

$45 at Henri Bendel (800-423-6335).

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