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March 25, 2007

'Talk is Cheap' Speaking Consultant's Watch


You know the old saying, "A consultant is someone you pay to hold your watch and tell you the time?"

Now you can bag the consultant and get the same results for a whole lot less: how does $4.95 sound?

Bonus: For no additional charge they'll do it in Spanish.

From the website:

    Can-Talk Large Button Talking Watch

    A clear lady's voice announces the time when you press a large button on the front of the watch.

    You can set an alarm (beep, rooster, or cuckoo) and have the time announced every hour.

    All these useful features are available at a very affordable price.

    The face measures about 1.25" in diameter and has all the setting functions on its front.

    A matching black plastic band with a buckle can adjust to fit a very small to a large-sized wrist.


Talking Watch (Your choice of English or Spanish female voice) costs $4.95.

Prefer a manly man's voice telling you the time?

No problema.

The face of the testosteronized version (no habla Español — solamente Inglés) measures 1.5" in diameter.

The watch is identical in all other respects to the femme iteration, except that it costs $5.95.

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