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March 8, 2007

'What are we doing here with Mr. Libby? Where's Rove?'


Above, the words of Libby trial juror Dennis Collins, quoted in yesterday's Financial Times front page story.

Part of the answer to that plaintive question is buried deep in yesterday's Wall Street Journal editorial on the case and its outcome, to wit: "... Mr. Libby never retained an experienced Beltway attorney until he was indicted."

Karl Rove may not be as smart as Libby but he understands knife-in-the-back politics as practiced in Washington much better.

To that end Rove early on retained a very smooth and experienced operator, attorney Robert Luskin (top, left, with Rove), among the most skillful practitioners of the fine art of making cases not happen.

In law as in medicine, it is much easier to prevent something than to fix it after it's gone wrong.

So when, after many months of letting Rove twist in the wind while he made repeated Grand Jury appearances, special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald decided not to bring charges against him, you can bet that the skilled work of Luskin in advance of a possible indictment was a major factor.

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