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March 12, 2007

World's Scariest Tights — Episode 3: New York Times Magazine Centerfold


In the February 25, 2007 New York Times Magazine Women's Fashion Spring 2007 supplement, Balenciaga's sequined metal tights were featured in a two-page spread (above).

You may recall Demi Moore's February 15, 2007 appearance in Episode 2 and Episode 1 introducing them back on February 8 of this year.

Finally, without actually venturing into a Balenciaga store and asking, we learn their price: $19,500.

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C-3PO has a sister?

Posted by: Rob O. | Mar 14, 2007 12:22:26 AM

I donno if they are worth it, but I godda say, Demi et al. are pretty sexy in them.

At the same time, I keep a pair of painted skin tight leather pants around from my earlier days, back when they were much looser and I didn't look like I wanted to pick up boys in them. But dammit, the few times I actually get on stage anymore, I wear them. Gut hanging over the front and all.

Sadly, the models wearing the pants above are an illusion. The target buying audience will be just as unfit and unattractive as I have become. So any of the fat out-of-shape women considering buying these -- look me up! I'll throw on my pants and we can both go out on the town fabulously disgusting, uncouth and unconcerned about what anyone else thinks!

Posted by: clifyt | Mar 12, 2007 10:58:59 AM

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