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April 24, 2007

Corn Kernel Remover — Episode 2: Faster + Easier + Cheaper = Better


At least, that's how I do the math.

Last year Kuhn Rikon's Corn Zipper garnered all manner of attention, including a very positive write-up in the June 6, 2006 New York Times.

Well, guess what?

This new arrival in the kernel removal space appears to have it beat, hands-down.

It strips the entire cob in one fell swoop — and costs 25% less than the $11.95 Corn Zipper.

From the website:

    Kernel Kutter

    Strips off kernels quickly.

    This handy tool makes it easy to remove corn from the cob.

    Just slip the expandable stainless-steel circular cutter over the end of the cob and in one quick stroke, it strips the kernels off the ear.

    Use it to make creamed corn, succotash, corn pudding, and salads.




$8.99 (Corn not included — but I know where you can get some).

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