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April 14, 2007

I want my FTV — but in the meantime, B&F TV will do just fine

I've never understood why it is that DirecTV, my satellite provider, doesn't offer Fashion TV (FTV) among the many hundreds of channels it currently carries.

According to Wikipedia, "Fashion TV has become one of the most widely-distributed satellite channels in the world: 31 satellite and 2,000 cable systems, with a total of 300 million households in 202 countries across the five continents."

That's the good news.

The bad news: "In North America... it isn't yet available on major cable or satellite television providers such as DirecTV or Dish Network."

How can this be?

In any event, the lack of fashion programming suddenly became moot yesterday when I somehow stumbled on the Beauty & Fashion Channel, DirecTV Channel 223.


Fashion shows and interviews around the clock.


My new default channel, superseding the NFL Network.

See ya, Mike Mayock and the gang... it was fun while it lasted.

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