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May 5, 2007

I am addicted to 'Hollaback Girl' — Episode 2: I can't get it out of my head

When this idiotstick, catchy song came out two years ago it instantly installed itself in the "endless replay" lobe of my reptilian brain.

I noted as much in a June 7, 2005 post.

Now, like the latest in the endless series of sequels to "Scary Movie," it's back.


I heard it on the radio earlier today and as if hypnotized, I went to the cabinet where I keep CDs I'm sick of and there it was, waiting quietly.

It's on now for the thirtieth or so time with no end in sight.

Yes — I am a "Hollaback Girl" addict.

And who says things aren't getting better all the time?

I mean, two years ago there was no YouTube (it was offered as a preview in May 2005, with its official debut in November 2005 — you could look it up) and the great videos above were simply dreams of a Slim Jim-overdosed programmer.

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Pillowback Floating Settee for Two


From the website:

Pillowback Floating Settee for Two

Our Floating Settee provides the perfect milieu, whether you prefer to read, chat or snooze.

And the soft white or aqua round design looks as good in your pool as it feels on your back.


• Constructed of sturdy, 150-denier polyester on top and PVC on the sides and bottom for a long, puncture-free, abrasion-resistant life

• One-pump/one-valve design makes it a snap to set up


• Includes rechargeable pump for quick and easy click-and-turn inflation or deflation

• High-back styling provides the comfort, and inflatable pillows add even more

• Five inflatable pillows and two drink holders included.


White or Aqua.


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In The Mood For Love


There's no reason to go beyond how enchanting and entrancing it is to watch Maggie Cheung looking simply otherworldly and exquisite in a succession of gorgeous cheongsams.

In Asia Ms. Cheung is the superstar equivalent of Scarlett Johansson combined with Julia Roberts along with Nicole Kidman.


The 2000 film moves slowly... ever so slowly....

But that's fine, because not much happens to break up a sense that time is infinitely malleable and ultimately devastating.

We go back and forth, beginning in 1962 Hong Kong.

We visit Singapore.

Tony Leung is wonderful as Ms. Chung's imaginary lover.

What more do you want from me?

Find a comfortable spot, get your Milk Duds or whatever and you're money.

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E-Z Funnel — Stop messing up


From the website:

    E-Z Funnel — Transfer Liquids Easily To Any Size Bottle

    Multi-Purpose E-Z Funnel is the perfect solution for pouring liquids into decorative dispensers and travel-size cosmetic bottles without oozing or spillage.

    This unique all-purpose household funnel is made of a soft rubber material that is designed to stay in place and fit a multitude of bottle necks.

    Universal funnel is ideal for transferring liquid soap, shampoo, styling gel, dishwashing liquid, lotions & more.

    Save every drop from expensive make-up and hair products by transferring them with E-Z Funnel.

    Simply remove the cap, insert E-Z Funnel, pour liquid in and allow to drip.

    Long lasting E-Z Funnel is dishwasher-safe.




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'Biology of the Worst Kind' — Jenny Diski's blog


The acclaimed author doesn't update it very often (this year's entries are dated May 2, April 23, April 8, March 30, March 16, March 15, March 8, March 3, February 24, February 21, February 7, February 1, January 23, January 22, January 5 and January 1 — 16 days total in a bit more than a third of a year).

No matter — she's busy writing books instead of spewing forth eight posts a day seven days a week.

People who manage to do that clearly have too much time on their hands.


But I digress.

Among Diski's books are "On Trying to Keep Still" and "Skating to Antarctica" — she's very good with titles.

Oddly enough, "On Trying to Keep Still" costs $76.52 at Amazon U.S. (that version appears below) but only £5.99 at Amazon U.K.


I went with the latter (pictured up top).

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Hot Pepper Wax — 'Stop rabbits and squirrels from making your garden a salad bar'


Tell us more.

From the website:

    Hot Pepper Wax™

    Stop rabbits & squirrels from making your garden a salad bar.

    Keep animals from devouring fruit, plants, trees and shrubs without resorting to dangerous chemicals, poisons or traps.

    Our Hot Pepper Wax Animal Repellent contains cayenne pepper, the same ingredient that makes Buffalo wings so hot.

    One coating imparts a concentrated dose of fiery heat that animals avoid after their first bite.

    Will not harm you, the animals or your soil.

    This spray also reduces moisture loss, won't wash off in the rain and remains effective for weeks.


    22 fl. oz. ready-to-use spray bottle.

    For use in most states.


"Most" — but not all.

Don't worry, I'll never tell.

Trust me....


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haunchofvenison.com — Wormhole to art nirvana


"Haunch of Venison works with internationally renowned artists at its galleries in London and Zürich... visit an artist's home page, where full biographical information, image galleries and further downloads can be found."

Above, the artists.

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Wallet Reading Glasses



From the website:

    Wallet Reading Glasses

    Pocket-sized mini-specs are compact enough to fit into your wallet — take them with you anywhere.

    Great for travel, PDA's, reading fine print, menus in dark restaurants and more.

    No more lugging around a bulky case for glasses you rarely wear.

    Polycarbonate with adjustable clips.

    Includes a credit card-sized case.


Strengths: 1.50, 1.75, 2.00, 2.25.


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