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May 9, 2007

But what's the first?


Above, the headline of a full-page ad that appeared on page 47 of last Sunday's New York Times magazine, touting the brand-new college Stony Brook Southampton.

I honestly am not sure what they expect you to consider the most important decision you'll ever make.


Nah, that can't be it — it's not your decision, after all.


Beckett's choice would be rather obvious.

I can't believe the Stony Brook Southamptom folks think getting married is the most important decision you'll ever make — but that might well be what they're suggesting.


Too many New York Times magazine ads will do that to your thinking.

I must say that choosing a college isn't very important in one sense: that of choosing the "right" college.

Because you can never know what might've happened had you chosen another.

It could've been better or worse.

But there's no question that choosing a college is important in that for many people, it's a decisive factor in the life subsequently led.

So I suppose it could qualify as #2.

Still don't have the foggiest as to number one, though.

Perhaps you will enlighten me/us via the comments section.

I can hope, anyway.

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How you know you're a technojunkie


Sign #1: You buy a pair of running shoes after reading about them in Wired magazine.

The inciting paragraph:

    Newton Running Shoes

    Danny Abshire, known for making custom insoles for elite runners, now designs whole pairs of performance running shoes. His Newton kicks do away with shock-absorbing foam in favor of hammock-like webs of stretchy material that suspend your feet over empty chambers above the soles. The result is supportive, cushioned, and super-lightweight.


Bonus: Mine came with hot orange laces in place along with a spare pair of white ones like those pictured up top.

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Bridal Water


No, booboo, it's not an equine thing but, rather, the latest brand extension of the wedding industry.

You order custom water bottle labels for your big event so everyone can drink to you — as it were.

Anything and everything is on the table (and can be on the label) including your favorite photo, artwork, you name it.

Inquire within.

[via the opening paragraph of today's New York Times Arts section front page article by Patricia Cohen about her stroll through the Great Bridal Expo with Rebecca Mead, New Yorker magazine writer extraordinaire and author of "One Perfect Day: The Selling of the American Wedding," a new book


due out next Monday.]

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Armadillo Breadbin


From the website:

Armadillo Breadbin

Made of brushed aluminium, wood and plastic.

43.5cm L x 30cm W x 28cm H.

Weight: 8 kg.



[via appliancist and freshhome]

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FunFact of the day: 85% of SAT essays are written in print form rather than cursive


It says so in the May 7, 2007 Wall Street Journal.

The factoid was embedded in an item summarizing a May 6, 2007 Boston Globe article about how penmanship experts are fighting, mostly without success, to stem the flight from handwriting in a generation accustomed to using keyboards or phones to generate most of its outgoing.

Full disclosure: pretty much the only time I don't print these days is when I sign checks.

When, for some strange reason, I do try to write something, it looks like what you'd get if you used your non-dominant hand.

Kids aren't dumb: consider the following, from the College Board's SAT Essay website: "Remember that people who are not familiar with your handwriting will read what you write. Try to write or print so that what you are writing is legible to those readers."

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Magnetized Hot Plate Grippers


From the website:

    Magnetic Hot Plate Grippers

    Magnetic hot plate grippers keep fingers shielded from heat to prevent burns while removing hot plates from the microwave.

    Magnetic backs cling to microwave side or 'fridge for instant access.

    Grooves secure plates and bowls and prevent slipping.

    Withstands temperatures up to 212°F.



    3" x 2".



That color's close enough: just declared the Official Magnetic Hot Plate Gripper of bookofjoe.

Boy, am I glad that's decided — it's been taking up nearly all my time for the past few weeks.

A perfectly matched set of two is $3.98.

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Getting nowhere fast[er]: Walking speed has increased 10% in past decade

That's the gist of a new study by psychologist Richard Wiseman whose results were reported by Matt Sparkes in a May 4, 2007 report in the New Scientist blog.

Average walking times over 18 metres (60 feet) in seconds according to Wiseman:

1) Singapore (Singapore); 10.55
2) Copenhagen (Denmark); 10.82
3) Madrid (Spain); 10.89
4) Guangzhou (China): 10.94
5) Dublin (Ireland); 11.03
6) Curitiba (Brazil); 11.13
7) Berlin (Germany); 11.16
8) New York (United States of America); 12.00
9) Utrecht (Netherlands); 12.04
10) Vienna (Austria); 12.06
11) Warsaw (Poland); 12.07
12) London (United Kingdom); 12.17
13) Zagreb (Croatia); 12.20
14) Prague (Czech Republic); 12.35
15) Wellington (New Zealand); 12.62
16) Paris (France); 12.65
17) Stockholm (Sweden); 12.75
18) Ljubljana (Slovenia); 12.76
19) Tokyo (Japan); 12.83
20) Ottawa (Canada); 13.72
21) Harare (Zimbabwe); 13.92
22) Sofia (Bulgaria); 13.96
23) Taipei (Taiwan): 14.00
24) Cairo (Egypt); 14.18
25) Sana'a (Yemen); 14.29
26) Bucharest (Romania); 14.36
27) Dubai (United Arab Emirates); 14.64
28) Damascus (Syria); 14.94
29) Amman (Jordan); 15.95
30) Bern (Switzerland); 17.37
31) Manama (Bahrain); 17.69
32) Blantyre (Malawi); 31.60

[via Dienekes' Anthropology blog]

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Voco Clock — 'We all like a little admiration in the morning'


"Stephen Fry. The perfect valet. Every morning. Like clockwork."

Consider the possibilities:

Seize the day

Delighted you survived

Staff has absconded

It appears to be morning


[via ifimust]

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