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May 17, 2007

Hollywood's Hottest Looks


Nanci McArdle, in a March 1, 2007 Medical Spa Report article, wrote:

    Hollywood's Hottest Looks

    The results are in for this year's "Hollywood's Hottest Looks" survey, which is conducted annually by celebrity plastic surgeons Richard W. Fleming, M.D., and Toby G. Mayer, M.D., who poll their clients. And the survey says:

    Most Desired Celebrity Female Features:

    Nose: Jennifer Connelly

    Cheeks: Keira Knightley

    Eyes: Penélope Cruz

    Lips: Kate Winslet

    Jawline/Chin: Sharon Stone

    Skin: Reese Witherspoon

    Body: Beyoncé Knowles

    Hair: Jessica Simpson

    Most Desired Celebrity Male Feature:

    Nose: Jude Law

    Cheeks: George Clooney

    Eyes: Justin Timberlake

    Lips: Ashton Kutcher

    Jawline/Chin: Matt Damon

    Skin: Ryan Seacrest

    Body: Mark Wahlberg

    Hair: Adrian Grenier


Erin Flaherty, the beauty director of Jane magazine, was quoted in Natasha Singer's May 10, 2007 New York Times story about the ubiquity of plastic surgery as saying that a celebrity "is a manufactured thing made up of layers of makeup, a canned personality and borrowed clothes."

Flaherty added, "Plastic surgery has given everybody the same face...."

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Meraki Mini — The [mesh] network is the computer


Sure hope Scott McNealy doesn't sic his lawyerbots on me for appropriating and then making a mashup of his company's great slogan of yesteryear.


Long story short: You can create your own wireless Mesh network, with each Meraki Mini extending its range by 750 or so feet.



FunFact: McNealy's likening of Windows to "a hairball" will always remain one of the great insults of the 20th century.

Not to mention being spot-on.

FunFact #2: John Gage is the person who in 1984 actually coined the phrase "The network is the computer."

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How to remodel your flagship store — by Louis Vuitton


Above, its Champs-Élysées store on March 24, 2004.

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First Ice — 'The evolution of cold therapy'


Long story short: Fluffy fake snow forms when water crystallizes around tiny polymer beads, then the outer layer melts to 40°F on skin contact — result: no "freezer burn" when the pack is placed directly against skin.

From the website:

    "Put ice on it right away," your mother used to say.

    Since the invention of ice, man has taken advantage of the healing power of cold.

    Until recently, countless doctors and plastic surgeons have prescribed a 'frozen bag of peas' to reduce swelling and help the healing process after many common medical procedures.

    Did you know that regular ice packs and the "blue ice" you put in your children's lunchbox are actually dangerous to apply directly to the skin?

    Surprisingly, the amazing healing power of cold therapy hasn't seen a single technological improvement in decades.

    That is, until now....


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trailfire.com — 'Discover what you're looking for on the web... with trails'


Definitely unsuitable for TechnoDolts™ but everyone else, jump on in, the water's fine.

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Loctite Power Grab on a Roll


Catchy name, what?

Long story short: It's a double-sided tape made of solid acrylic adhesive as opposed to the usual foam covered with glue; advertised as being weatherproof with permanent outdoor holding capability.

From the website:

    Loctite® Power Grab® on a Roll


    A heavy-duty adhesive on a roll for building and remodeling pros and heavy DIYers who need to mount flat objects like house numbers and signs, mailboxes, baseboards or coathooks.

    Power Grab on a Roll is an ultra strong, double-sided adhesive tape for fast & easy indoor and outdoor applications.

    The adhesive is waterproof and resistant to UV light, aging and plasticizers.

    It withstands temperature fluctuations from -40ºF to 248ºF (-40ºC to 120ºC) and is suitable for use in areas with extreme temperature or humidity.

    Just 6 inches of tape will hold up to 11 lbs., if the object is flat and under 0.4 inches thick — just imagine how much easier mounting projects will be around your home and shop with Power Grab on a Roll.


I'm gonna go out on a limb here and declare this the official double-sided tape of not only bookofjoe but also MAKE magazine.

Note to Phillip Torrone: let me know if I've finally gone too far.

But I digress.

A 3/4" x 60" roll will cost $7.

That's the good news.

The bad news is that it's the hardware store version of vaporware: not due out until August of this year.

Oh, well.

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BehindTheMedspeak: Carrying Allergy Cards Could Save Your Life


I'd never heard of them until I read Suzanne Barlyn's informative piece in this past Tuesday's Wall Street Journal; it follows.


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Good News/Bad News Hide-a-Key


The good news is that it's much more stylish than the old-fashioned black iteration that's been around since magnets were invented.

Yo, joe, magnets weren't invented — they were discovered.

Well excuuuuse me.

Where was I?

Oh, yeah, beignets.

No, that's not right.

Hold on a minute while I get my bearings.

No wonder I'm having trouble — they're rolling all around me on the treadmill.

Better be careful or this post will end with a crash, what?

But I digressed.

The bad news is that once you get the darned thing in your hand from out of your super-secret hiding place under the car or inside the wheel well, you have to remember the combination to get the stupid key out.

That's gonna frost you plenty, I promise.

Anyway, for those who are willing to go where no key hider has gone before, here's what it says on the website:

    GE® Locking Stor-A-Key™

    Locking key storage with super strong magnet.

    Never get locked out of your car again.

    GE Security has taken the spare key hide-a-way to the next level with a super-strong rare earth magnet and a resettable combination lock for added security.

    Also includes strong double-sided tape for non-automotive applications.

    A thoughtful gift for anyone who drives.



If this is any indication of where GE's headed, it's no wonder Warren Buffett doesn't own any.

Assuming, as I am, that he doesn't.

At least, I've never heard him talk about it like he does Coca-Cola and Geico and the rest of his long-term holdings.

$13.95 (And yes, Flautist — I'll be happy to send you a key).

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