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May 22, 2007

Creatures from the deep


Look at the photo above.

What do you see?


It's a dumbo octopus photographed on the floor of Monterey Bay.

Along with the other strange creatures pictured above and below, it's featured in today's New York Times Science section story by William J. Broad on the astonishing variety of aquatic life now being observed for the first time by new lights, cameras and electronics.


Some of these bizarre species live more than four and a half miles down in total darkness, under immense pressure once considered incompatible with life.

Certainly life as we know it, that's for sure.


Below the dumbo octopus at the top, gaze upon (from above down) an identified red species; a Ping Pong tree sponge; just above, a stimias boas scaly Dragonfish; just below, another variety of dumbo octopus.

Turns out there's no need to visit the Mos Eisley Cantina on Tatooine to see weird creatures.


Just get in the elevator and hit the down — way down — button.

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24 Hour Golf Ball — 'Now you can play all day and all night'


From the website:

    The Tracer Ball

    Now you can play all day and all night

    The Tracer™ [above and below] has all the characteristics of a professional golf ball in regards to feel, accuracy, distance and conforms to official size and weight.

    Now players will be able to enjoy golf hours past sundown.

    The Tracer is a regulation golf ball that contains two red LED lights [above] that flash for a duration of 5-6 minutes.

    Flashing is activated by either striking the ball with your club or dropping the ball from approximately 12 cm [4.7"].

    You can follow the ball from the moment it leaves the club face to its final destination.

    LEDs lasts for approximately 40 hours.


Note: If your ball's final destination is a water hazard, don't count on the ball's submarine capability to illuminate its location.

Selected as the Official Golf Ball of the Kinks.



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'The Black Swan' — Episode 2: Chapter 1


In Episode 1 on May 10, 2007 I reviewed the book and offered a few excerpts.

Now I find that the New York Times has placed Chapter 1 online here where anyone can read it and/or print it out — free.

We like free.

N.B.: Things like this have a way of suddenly disappearing — don't put it on your "to do" list or it'll end up in your "what happened?" file.

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USB Panic Button — 'Get ready to launch... a spreadsheet'


From the website:

    USB Panic Button — Abort! Abort!

    This interweb thingy is brilliant, isn't it?

    Work, on the other hand, is not.

    Unfortunately the internet is accessed via the very machine you're supposed to be using for work.

    And that's why virtually everyone who uses a computer at work spends most of the time looking over their shoulder.

    Indeed, at this very moment you're gaping at gadgets and gizmos when you should probably be studying annual reports or typing up the minutes from this morning's board meeting.

    And we wouldn't even begin to speculate where you were surfing prior to this — shame on you!

    Of course most work-shirkers choose to combat this highly annoying paradox by hammering frantically on their mouse when the boss walks by.

    But not us.

    Oh no, we simply hit the USB Panic Button and relax.


    Because this ingenious comedy stealth device instantly opens a boring document to conceal our embarrassment (and all those incriminating windows).


    The USB Panic Button looks just like one of those emergency buttons you see in the movies — you know, the ones that launch missiles, shut off power, eject seats from fighter jets and cause Daffy Duck to lose his beak and feathers.

    It's even got one of those flip-open perspex covers and is covered in yellow and black warning stripes.

    Perfect for adding a suitably CIA-esque touch to your desk.

    As well as its own boring document, this USB-friendly device will also bring up any other image you fancy — from your company logo to a photo of your mom.

    The possibilities are endless.

    The USB Panic Button is an ideal gift for anyone who spends too much time looking at things they shouldn't (that'll be all of us) and it's perfect for easily distracted surfers who spend more time searching for holidays, bargains and rude pictures than they do searching for new clients. (Again, that'll be all of us).

    So don't panic, just hurry up and hit the Buy button.

    Abort! Abort!


Note to file: find out who wrote the copy above and offer her or him double what they're being paid currently to come work for me.


[via Daniel Roswell]

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AC Milan v Liverpool tomorrow: Two teams enter, one team leaves — with the European Champion Clubs Cup


Everywhere on our blue planet except the U.S., the eyes of the world will be riveted on the pitch of Olympic Stadium in Athens when these two magnificent sides take the field for all the marbles.

I've already got my game face on and my TV's warming up for the big event.

That's Wednesday, May 23, at 2:30 p.m. ET on ESPN2 (DirecTV 209; Dish 119).


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Ring of Fire After Curry Wipes — 'For those who like it hot!'


That's what it says on the container (below).

From the website:

    Ring of Fire After Curry Wipes

    Everyone likes and needs to indulge in and experiment with a bit of hot food every now and then.

    The only drawback is the morning after!

    These special wet wipes will help to calm any areas under pressure....

    A great gift for those that like it hot, Ring of Fire After Curry Wipes are cooling and moisturised and sure to douse those flames!

    One canister contains 40 wipes and is completely resealable, so every wipe will be as fresh as the first!

    Canister dimensions: 205mm H x 80mm Dia.


FunFact: Johnny Cash (or his estate, I'm not certain which) was offered a gigantic amount of money by Preparation H in return for the right to use his song "Ring of Fire" in their TV commercials.

Up to now the answer's been no.

Let us pray.

While waiting for a change of heart, Preparation H ought to ring up Anthony Kiedis and the Red Hot Chili Peppers: now there's a mashup to conjure with.



[via Daniel Roswell]

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Fiji on $360 a week


Why pay more?


Ben Keene and Mark James-Bowness have created a tiny island community in Fiji that lets members of its "tribe" stay there for $360/week for up to three weeks at a time.

Airfare not included.

The project began last year and currently numbers over 1,160 tribe members from 35 countries.

Jennifer Conlin featured their island of Vorovoro (above) in an item which appeared in the May 20, 2007 New York Times Travel section, and follows.

    By Air, Boat and Web, a Fiji Getaway

    It may seem like a combination of “Survivor” and “Gilligan’s Island,” but Tribewanted.com is a real social and environmental experiment. The effort to transform a tiny island in Fiji into a sustainable, democratically run community, is now a year old and has grown to 1,160 “tribe” members from 35 countries.

    “We wondered if we could give a virtual community a physical purpose,” said Ben Keene, who along with Mark James-Bowness claims to have succeeded in “building a village on an island and online simultaneously.” Both men are 26.

    Situated on Vorovoro, above, a 200-acre island off Mali Island and leased to Tribewanted by a local chief, Tui Mali, the project lets members stay for a fee: one week costs $360, two weeks $720 and three weeks $1,080, not including airfare to Nadi and then Labasa. From Labasa, the island is reached by motor boat.

    Accommodations are in a central meeting house with sleeping lofts; a shed with driftwood beds; and outdoor hammocks — though many members bring tents or just sleep on the beach.

    Managing the the island and protecting the very real Yavusa tribe are the biggest challenges. Many Yavusa work on Vorovoro as cooks, boat captains, builders and gardeners.

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Tramontano Roll-Up Canvas Tote


Leather trim.



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