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May 19, 2007

Book Wizard


From the website:

    Book Wizard — Bookmark, Booklight, Page Counter & More

    This neat Book Wizard gadget provides reading light just about anywhere without disturbing others!

    Just clip it on a book and read away.

    But that's not all!

    This compact little LED multitask light has a built-in digital read timer, alarm clock, magnifier, page mark and more.

    Great for adults and children.

    The book wizard will encourage children to read which will have a positive effect on vocabulary and thinking.

    The light is ideal for parents and children who like to wind down toward bedtime with their favorite book for a session of bedtime reading.

    Features a sturdy clip that easily attaches to books and magazines.

    The programmable timer will keep track of how much time you have been reading before going to sleep.

    You can enter the page number so that you can easily continue reading whenever you are ready.

    There's no more folding the page you were finished reading or page marks that get lost.

    You can use the wizard as your primary alarm clock.

    As a bonus gift we include a course on how to improve the speed at which you read.

    6" x 3.5".


Orange, Yellow, Green or Blue.


[via McKinley Rodriguez, age 10, who wrote, in the latest issue (Volume 10) of MAKE magazine, "I got a thing called a Book Wizard today. It looks a bit like an oversized LED book light, but it's actually a device that you clip onto your book that has the time, date, timer, and a few more groovy gadgets. A really cool thing that it does is you can type in what page you are on and it will remember that."]

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This is EXACTLY what I need!! Love it!

Posted by: CWonder | May 19, 2007 4:34:54 PM

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