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May 12, 2007




From the website:

Telescoping Field Chair

Our Telescoping Field Chair is the ideal solution for those times you need to bring your own chair — but you’ve got to walk a ways before you get there!


Ingenious — and patented — telescoping design lets you compress the chair into a small bundle the size of your laptop that tucks neatly into its own shoulder bag.

When you arrive, just unfold and telescope to seating position.

Cool mesh lets breezes circulate, hanging drink holder and utility pockets keep stuff off the ground.


Sturdy aluminum and steel frame comfortably supports up to 250 lbs. without sagging, creaking, or complaining!



*What would Marcel Duchamp do?

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Notice anything odd about that 2nd-to-last photo?

Um. Who's watching the baby?

Posted by: bkmarcus | May 13, 2007 1:21:47 AM

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