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May 26, 2007

Golf Swing Analyzing Watch


From the website:

    Golf Swing Analyzing Watch

    Used by professional golfers to identify imperfections in their swing, this watch measures the tempo, rhythm, backswing length and clubhead speed of your golf swing during a practice session or on the golf course and instantly displays metrics for each on the watchface, allowing you to quantify the elusive feeling of the "perfect swing" and to develop muscle memory that results in consistent, optimal ball-striking.

    Unlike cumbersome golfing aids that restrict movements, this device is as unobtrusive as a wristwatch and has three accelerometers (similar to the technology NASA uses to monitor the movements of astronauts in space) that record 200 measurements per second, from the start of the backswing until ball contact, and use proprietary algorithms to determine if your backswing is a few degrees too long or your tempo if off by as little as 1/100th of a second, allowing you to immediately analyze why a shot went awry or to record the swing measurements that coincided with a shot that split the fairway.

    The watch records swing measurements for each club in your bag, has four scorekeeping modes and retains handicaps for up to two golfers, and also records separate statistics for tee shots, fairway shots and putts.

    Watch has clock, calendar, alarm and stopwatch functions.

    Includes a replaceable CR 2032 battery.

    Water resistant up to 100'.



Note: Wear it along with your pulse ring and you'll be the most tricked-out duffer out there.

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