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May 23, 2007

Hamburger Synchronicity — Two enter, one leaves (followed shortly thereafter by the other)


How else are we to make sense of today's epochal event?

On the front page of this morning's Washington Post Food section, next to Tony Rosenfeld's article, "A Perfect Burger, Top to Bottom" is the illustration above.

But no sooner did I get to my New York Times Dining In section than I espied, staring right back at me from the front page, the photo below,


accompanying Mark Bittman's article "For the Love of a Good Burger."

Truly mind-bending.

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Don't mean to be anal (who am I kidding), but the photo does not seem to = the description of the 'perfect' burger. Said perfect burger calls for grilled onions, whereas the complete burger has very obvious thickly cut raw rings of onions. Said perfect burger also calls for cucumber relish, whereas the complete burger has lettuce. Lastly, there's no mention of tomatos or tomato sauce in the perfect burger description, but that can clearly be seen in the complete burger photo.

False advertising! I am sue them!

Posted by: IB | May 27, 2007 7:33:58 AM

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