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May 27, 2007

Helpful Hints from joeeze: Tennis Ball Doorstop


I saw this nifty creation earlier today: two tennis ball halves, each acting as a doorstop for heavy doors in a carpeted hallway.

I examined them more closely: yes, just your everyday tennis ball, cut into (more or less) equal hemispheres.

I found a tennis ball in the attic and made one of these doorstops (well, two — it's impossible to make just one, actually) and have the following observations to guide you in your fabrication process, should you choose to proceed with this project.

1) Use an X-Acto knife or some such box cutting tool so as to get a good grip on your slicing instrument: a tennis ball is tough and a knife might not offer sufficient purchase.

2) Cut away from the ball and the hand holding it, assuming you're a fool like me and choose to do it barehanded as opposed to wearing a glove on the non-cutting hand or, even better, putting the ball in a clamp or vise prior to incision.

Note that these doorstops will not work on a smooth surface like wood, tile, stone or cement: the exposed rubber edges of the tennis ball need the purchase gained against a carpet or rug.

Note to self: forward this post to Phillip Torrone over at MAKE magazine.

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for years I have used four tennis ball halves placed under the legs of the base of the turntable of my stereo. it prevents vibrations from skipping the record when you have hard wood floors.

Posted by: DanO | May 27, 2007 3:57:25 PM

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