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May 26, 2007

'Hide in Plain Sight' Reversible Hat


In all the spy-themed books I read, among the techniques used by both the tailed and their tails are changes of clothes.

So wearing the hat above, with the red side out, will make someone look for someone in a red hat — that's pretty elementary, eh, Watson?

And reversing the hat so it's black will let you slip right through the surveillance net while everyone's watching for the red one.

At least that's the idea.

Note to anyone contemplating this trick: don't also wear a red turtleneck because it tends to destroy the intended effect.

From the website:

    Reversible Hat

    A rain hat with a twist — it’s reversible!

    Fashionable, foldable hat features a wide brim to keep rain, snow or wind from putting a damper on your ’do.

    Poly/cotton fabric hat is available with 2 color combinations so you can change your look simply by turning the hat inside out: black reverses to red [top]; tan reverses to navy blue [below].

    One size fits all.




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