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May 1, 2007

Knife of Life


From the website:

    ‘Knife of Life’ From Victorinox Wins “2007 Knife of the Year” Award

    Can Spell the Difference Between Life and Death

    The new Victorinox Swiss Army rescue tool won the prestigious “Knife of the Year 2007” title at the recent IWA and Outdoor Classics Exhibition held in Nuremberg, Germany.

    This is no mean feat, as over 77 knives from 34 manufacturers representing 9 different countries were evaluated by the distinguished jury panel!

    ‘Knife of Life’ was developed in close collaboration with Swiss emergency medical and rescue teams.

    Top priority was quickly removing a person from a wrecked vehicle, so ‘Knife of Life’ includes a powerful Window Buster and efficient Seat Belt Cutter.

    In addition, a unique Safety Glass Saw slices quickly through windshields that shatter on impact yet by design don’t actually break apart, thus impeding rescue attempts.

    ‘Knife of Life’ also comes with screwdrivers, reamer, bottle opener, wire stripper, tweezers and toothpick — and a large locking blade for general-purpose cutting.

    So you’ll make good use of its legendary Swiss Army versatility, even when no rescue is necessary.

    And the luminescent handles glow like isotopes in the dark — so you’ll always find ‘Knife of Life’ instantly in an emergency!

    Includes nylon belt pouch.


Worth having just to see those glowing handles.


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Well, in theory it can be quite nice to be able to cut out *a* seatbelt. Attach the cut out seatbelt to a door when semi-closed and attach the other end to a pedal. Can be very useful if someones foot it stuck under / between pedals when the whole footwell collapses.

Allthough, this is more of a "in case" sort of situation where you're the first one on scene and need to get people out fast (eg. fire).

If it's down to either die or get that windshield out I would just break the thing, but that's me.

Posted by: Chris | Jun 19, 2007 7:51:53 AM

Seat belt cutters are absurd. In twelve years as a Paramedic, I don't remember anyone ever cutting a seat belt. "Slicing through windshields" is even sillier. A good heavy awl (or something similar) would be better to remove the gasket holding the windshield in, and then taking the entire thing off. Finally, how can it be Swiss if it doesn't come with a corkscrew?

Posted by: Ben K | May 9, 2007 9:06:22 PM

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