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May 15, 2007

Maclaren Philippe Starck Limited Edition Stroller


From the website:

    Maclaren Starck 2007 Stroller

    The Maclaren Starck is a great ultra light stroller.

    It weighs only 13 pounds (6 Kgs) and can carry a load of up to 55 pounds (25 Kgs).

    With 1 seat position, it is advisable for little ones from 6 months.

    What could be more important than protection in a stroller?

    The Starck features an versatile 5-point protection harness.

    Of course, you need to adjust the straps for the right mix of safety and comfort.

    The Starck 2007 demonstrates an fantastic ride with its shock-absorbing aluminum frame.

    The one-hand fold procedure works very well and comes in handy when doing some shopping while holding a venti no foam latte!

    Once the stroller is folded, the practical carry handle will allow you to lift it into your car trunk or even lug it around.

    The Starck 2007 also offers comfy handles which materially help with the stroller's operability, particularly when trying to push the stroller with one hand (it's that coffee drink again!).

    The Starck 2007 stroller comes with a small basket which is helpful for shopping or just bringing a few essentials along.

    Taller children won't leave their feet dangling due to the comfortable leg rest.

    To protect from the rain, the Maclaren Starck 2007 has a hood.

    Includes a travel bag.


Purple (top), Nectarine, Lemon or Carbon.


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"What could be more important than protection in a stroller?"
I'll tell you what - handles high enough for a 6'2" human to push the darned thing without stooping over it, and handles far enough from the back of the seat so a full sized human can stride properly without kicking the poor kid in the kidneys.
The only stroller I've ever found that does both is the one I took the welder to after the first half hour.

Posted by: Skipweasel | May 17, 2007 5:58:03 PM

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