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May 8, 2007



Only a concept, alas.


"The incredibly thin wireless keyboard is used as a protection cover for transportation. It stays in place with a combination of magnets and notches. On the back of the computer, a hinge allows it to be put in a vertical position so you can use Mactab comfortably on your desk."


Designed by Yann Le Coroller.

[via yankodesign.com and Mike Ballan's elegant website]

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it's cool but i'm tired of the endless line of electronic gizmos that are out of date 6 months after purchase. i'm holding out for the computer that plugs directly into my brain; no batteries, no cords, no keyboard, nothing but a big head.

Posted by: rob | May 8, 2007 11:38:45 PM

This is real though:

Posted by: Adam P Knave | May 8, 2007 1:25:54 PM

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