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May 7, 2007

Universal AC Adaptor/Battery Eliminator


For once, something appears here that might actually be useful.

From the website:

    Universal AC Adaptor/Battery Eliminator

    Our Universal AC Adaptor has 6 voltage settings, universal adaptor plug, standard and micro Walkman(R) power plugs.

    May be used with most 500mA keyboards, calculators, small portable radios, cassette players, toys and other electronic products.

    Compatible with all brands.

    3.0 -12 volts DC.

    UL listed.

    By GE.


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Wonder how real the connection with GE is? It's all but identical to one sold in the UK under a generic brand-name.

This "badge engineering" is getting out of hand. Some years ago I had a friend who did artwork for Dixons, the major consumer electronics retailer in the UK. Apparently unbadged samples came in for appraisal and meetings were held to assess the product on its percieved value and qualities etc. It'd then be assigned a price and a manufacturer. Someone then had to contact the license holder for that name (names like JVC, Panasonic, Matsui etc) and negotiate the royalty payments.

Partly I suspect it's done so that the retailer can carry an "exclusive" range of goods, which is more to do with obfuscating direct product/price comparisons than it has to do with consumer choice.
Even car makers do it now - who models are lifted from other firms ranges, or at least co-developed.

Posted by: Skipweasel | May 8, 2007 4:45:17 PM

Yea, these are really nice, I got one back in the nineties.

Posted by: Bob | May 7, 2007 10:30:44 AM

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