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May 6, 2007

Voice-Activated Grocery List Printer


Definitely not TechnoDolt™-approved.

All others may proceed.

From the website:

    Smart Shopper™ Voice-Activated Grocery List Printer

    Eliminates guesswork from shopping.

    No longer stand dumbfounded in an aisle wondering what you needed.

    Simply speak (throughout the week) the items you need into the voice recognition device and a list is printed on thermal paper with the touch of a button — items print automatically by category and "errands."

    Wall mount, fridge mount with magnets or sit it on a counter.

    Features LCD screen, 2500 pre-loaded items, paper, wall and magnet kits.

    Plastic and aluminum.

    7" x 3" x 9-1/4".


Me, I guess I'll just have to stand dumbfounded in the aisle wondering what I needed.

Same as it ever was.

$149.98 (No, Flautist — the device does not contain the 2500 grocery items — just their names. Sheesh).

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Much more fun to have a white-board, a dry-wipe pen and a four year old who's keen to write. Though it does make for some interesting shopping trips if the spelling's a bit erratic.

Posted by: Skipweasel | May 6, 2007 5:44:14 PM

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