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May 25, 2007

World's Only Folding Bread Knife


Florence Fabricant wrote about it in the May 23, 2007 New York Times Dining In section, as follows:

    To Cut the Mustard, and More

    Protection for the knife isn’t an issue with the Bâtard folding picnic knife, whose five-and-a-quarter-inch blade snaps neatly inside the handle [above].

    A few years ago Charles Van Over, whose specialty is bread — he’s the author of “The Best Bread Ever” (Broadway Books, 1997) — concluded that his arsenal of equipment lacked something. “I would go visit bakers or go to bakeries, and I’d carry around a bread knife,” he said. “But a large bread knife is cumbersome and dangerous. Why was there no folding bread knife?”

    He set out to remedy the situation. And beyond professional trips to bakeries, he envisioned occasions when a slice of crusty bread might be accompanied by a bottle of wine. “So I added a corkscrew,” he said.

    The knife has good heft, a handsome dark wood handle and a no-nonsense serrated blade of stainless steel that can tackle much more than just a loaf of bread. It is named for a kind of thick, short French loaf called a bâtard (translation: bastard), and Mr. Van Over thought the name was more amusing than that of the more common elongated baguette. The knife does an admirable job on a crusty loaf, turning it into slices appropriate for all sorts of toppings and fillings.

    The Bâtard folding picnic knife, made by Lamson & Goodnow, is $25 at Cook’s Companion in Brooklyn Heights and at lamsonsharp.com, and $19.99 at the Cooking.com Web site. It would make a terrific gift for Father’s Day, June 17.

    And to put your bread knife, slicer or spreader to proper use for a picnic, you might try a sandwich of shortcut rillettes with Basque seasonings made from prepared duck confit, sold in many fancy food shops.


From the Cooking.com website:

    Lamson & Goodnow Batard Folding Bread Knife with Corkscrew

    The perfect picnic companion.

    5.5-in. heavy serrated blade folds into handle for easy storage.

    Serration is perfect for crusty breads, cheeses, meats & tomatoes.



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The wine pull doesn't seem to have a lever on it. If not, it might make cutting bread easy, but getting that cork out wouldn't be.

Posted by: ccat | May 26, 2007 11:09:33 AM

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