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May 8, 2007

writers anonymous


    writers anonymous

    Many a story came into being slowly. Writers getting up from their keyboards or tossing down their notebooks in defeat, sometimes the third or fourth defeat of the day/week/month/year, but we all go back. Whether writing with pen/pencil and paper, using a typewriter, or with the latest word program, writing is sometimes not an easy task, but those who have to write, will write.

    If you lost count of how many times someone suggested you "be realistic" or "get a real job," you know what writing is about. If you've handed someone pages of your latest idea, complete with corrective arrows pointing out where they should jump from one section to the next and words scratched through and replaced, then paced around waiting for their opinion (and if they thought it was bad, and you knew it was brillant, called them an idiot under your breath), if you grin mischievously when someone says, "I don't get it", you know what writing is about.

    Borrowing from another "anonymous" group, we've changed their one day at a time to one page at a time.


Dustin Wells is your new buddy and will provide support here.

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