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June 8, 2007

Andrew Sullivan on Bed-Blogging


The outspoken writer once again demonstrates why he bestrides the Olympus of the Internet heights.

A computer bed is but a trifle but bed-blogging, ah — therein lies the genius.

If I have walked on my treadmill desk further than others it is only because I have been able — in a metaphorical sense — to do so on the likes of the shoulders of bed-blogging bookofjoe correspondents Rebecca Waldeck and Maximillian Hill.

All possible love to Mr. Sullivan and these two intrepid souls, who in the past two days have taken us to places whose existence we were scarcely capable of conjuring even in our wildest fantasies.

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Microfiber Broom Duster



From the website:

    Microfiber Broom Duster

    Turn your broom into a duster.

    Here's a simple solution for reaching those high, hard-to-dust places.

    Just place this microfiber cover over your broomhead and cinch the cord.

    Covered broom dusts and cleans without the need for step-stools and uncomfortable positioning.

    Fits most broom heads.

    Machine wash.

    18"L x 9"W.




*Bring your own broom

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Truth, What a Word! — by E.M. Cioran


The idea of liberation through the supression of desire is the greatest foolishness ever conceived by the human mind. Why cut life short, why destroy it for so little profit as total indifference and the illusion of freedom? How dare you speak of life after you have stifled it in yourself? I have more respect for the man with thwarted desires, unhappy and desperate in love, than for the cold and proud philosopher. A world full of philosophers, what a terrifying prospect! They should all be wiped out so that life could go on naturally — blindly and irrationally.

I hate the wisdom of those men unmoved by truths, who do not suffer with their nerves, their flesh and their blood. I like only vital, organic truths, the offspring of our anxiety. Those whose thoughts are alive are always right; there are no arguments against them. And even if there were, they would not last long. I wonder how there can still be men searching for the truth. Do wise men not yet understand that truth cannot be?

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Portable Luggage Scale — Episode 2: Digital Iteration


The analog version appeared here in Episode 1 way back on May 18, 2005.

I guess enough people said take it to the next level that the creators went back to their skunk works to see what they could whip up.

Took 'em over two years but they finally did it.

From the website:

    Digital Scale

    New Digital Scale helps prevent overweight luggage charges.

    This compact scale weighs luggage up to 100 lbs (44 kg) so you'll know instantly if your bag exceeds the 70 lb international weight limit.

    And it couldn't be easier to use!

    Just lift your suitcase, wait for the beep, set it back down, and read the weight on the large digital display.

    6" x 3½" x 1".

    8 oz.



Even a TechnoDolt™ could use it.


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Hublot Big Bang (a material too far) — Episode 2: Diff'rent Strokes


Just in at 6:02 a.m. this morning, the following comment from Wainando on Episode 1, which appeared way, way back on September 12, 2005:

    Just bought my BB Stainless Steel Rubber Band [above] yesterday

    It is amazingly beatifull and feels like a real man watch

    Indeed you can wear it on any occassion

    I can stop my 15 years search for my Must Have Watch finally


Here at bookofjoe the search continues.


Let no one ever attempt to claim that bookofjoe is anything but a very big tent.

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Las Vegas Sign Beach Towel


Got bling?

From the website:

    Las Vegas Sign Beach Towel

    Relive your wild ride through the famous landmarks of the strip with this soft, sumptuous 100% cotton Las Vegas Sign Beach Towel featuring the legendary welcome sign built in 1959!

    Machine wash.

    100% cotton.


    59" x 29".



Too bad it doesn't light up.

Oh, well.


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Computer Bed — Episode 2: Maximillian Hill takes it to the max


Wrote Maximillian yesterday afternoon, not even 14 minutes after Episode 1 had gone up: "That's nothin'! Check out mine."


You know what?


He was right!


Check out his über-bed (literally), pictured above and below.


Bonus: He's selfless enough to offer you step-by-step instructions


so you can build one of your very own.


Note to self: Forward this to Phillip Torrone over at MAKE magazine instanter.

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Margarator Margarita Machine



From the website:


    Makes margaritas and smoothies quick and easy for parties, backyard BBQs and more.

    Finely blends ice so your drinks are never crunchy.[**]

    • Portable — can run off car lighter, making it ideal for tailgate parties

    • Large capacity holds up to 1 gallon, more than 3 times the normal blender

    • Insulated top with carry handles lifts off, keeps contents frozen for drinks "on the go"

    • 120V AC or 12V DC power

    • 19.25" x 10.5" x 10"

    • Metal and plastic



*What would Jimmy Buffett say?

**Because everyone knows that, while crunchy is just fine and dandy and, in fact, considered by many to be the default setting for granola, it's just wrong when it pops up between your jaws in an otherwise flawless margarita.

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