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June 29, 2007

Freak Out! — 'Music industry attacks Sunday newspaper's free Prince CD'


Above, the headline of Katie Allen's story in today's Guardian about the latest of the thousand cuts in the slow, agonizing death of the music industry as we know it.

Her article follows.

    Music industry attacks Sunday newspaper's free Prince CD

    The eagerly awaited new album by Prince is being launched as a free CD with a national Sunday newspaper in a move that has drawn widespread criticism from music retailers.

    The Mail on Sunday revealed yesterday that the 10-track Planet Earth CD will be available with an "imminent" edition, making it the first place in the world to get the album. Planet Earth [top] will go on sale on July 24.

    "It's all about giving music for the masses and he believes in spreading the music he produces to as many people as possible," said Mail on Sunday managing director Stephen Miron. "This is the biggest innovation in newspaper promotions in recent times."

    The paper, which sells more than 2m copies a week, will be ramping up its print run in anticipation of a huge spike in circulation but would not reveal how much the deal with Prince would cost.

    One music store executive described the plan as "madness" while others said it was a huge insult to an industry battling fierce competition from supermarkets and online stores. Prince's label has cut its ties with the album in the UK to try to appease music stores.

    The Entertainment Retailers Association said the giveaway "beggars belief". "It would be an insult to all those record stores who have supported Prince throughout his career," ERA co-chairman Paul Quirk told a music conference. "It would be yet another example of the damaging covermount culture which is destroying any perception of value around recorded music.

    "The Artist Formerly Known as Prince should know that with behaviour like this he will soon be the Artist Formerly Available in Record Stores. And I say that to all the other artists who may be tempted to dally with the Mail on Sunday."

    High street music giant HMV was similarly scathing about the plans. Speaking before rumours of a giveaway were confirmed, HMV chief executive Simon Fox said: "I think it would be absolutely nuts. I can't believe the music industry would do it to itself. I simply can't believe it would happen; it would be absolute madness."

    Prince, whose Purple Rain sold more than 11m copies, also plans to give away a free copy of his latest album with tickets for his forthcoming concerts in London. The singer had signed a global deal for the promotion and distribution of Planet Earth in partnership with Columbia Records, a division of music company Sony BMG. A spokesman for the group said last night that the UK arm of Sony BMG had withdrawn from Prince's global deal and would not distribute the album to UK stores.


Constant readers will know that we love Prince and we love free, so free Prince?

Be still our hearts.


[via Edward Wingate, bookofjoe's crack Calgary (Alberta Province), Canada correspondent]

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Ancient Qumran Virtual Reality Tour


It opens today at the San Diego Natural History Museum, where it will be open through December 31 of this year.

You can read all about here but alas, you'll have to make a trip to the Left Coast to take it.

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MorphWorld: 2007 Masters Champion Zach Johnson into Joaquin Phoenix


Good call.


If Johnson gets big — really big — he'll know whom to ring up when they make the movie.

[via golfwrx.com]

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Eureka N!ergy Tent — Drop out, then turn on


In the June 26, 2007 USA Today Sal Ruibal wrote, describing this tricked-out tent, "Some people just can't handle being away from it all, especially when they are away from it all. For those folks, Eureka has the N!ergy tent series. The tents are wired to handle 12-volt loads and come with three glowing outlets and a built-in light. An optional rechargeable power source plugs in to provide juice for your electronics and comfort items. The power pack can be recharged through your auto's power ports."

From the tent website:

    Plug In Outdoors — The Coziest Version Of Our Powered Home Away From Home

    • 2 pole square dome tent

    • Durable and freestanding fiberglass frame, clips, and ring and pin assembly make set up fast and easy

    • Large, side opening, twin-track D-style door features #8 zippers with zipper covers for durability and water protection

    • 75D StormShield® polyester full coverage fly features brims in front and rear for protection from the elements

    •2 windows, 2 mesh roof vents, and 2 large mesh sidewall panels provide ventilation and light

    • Gear loft and 2 storage pockets keep essentials close at hand, yet conveniently tucked away


Much more information here.


$149.90, $179.91 and $249.90.

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Free iPhone*



Bonus: It works anywhere in the world.

[via gizmodo and Rob, who wrote, "With all the iPhone hype, I thought you might want to post this scale model for everyone to have their very own jesus phone. :) — I actually made the mockup, and people in the office loved it]

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Fishing Rod Car Transporter


From the website:

    Interior Fishing Rod Holder

    The quick and easy way to transport rods safely.

    If you love to get away for an afternoon of fishing but hate subjecting your rods to bending, snagging and snarling when you throw them into the back of your wagon or SUV, this is the solution you’ve been looking for.

    Suction cups securely attach the holder to an interior rear side window and foam rubber clamps grip and protect your valuable rods.


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Not Yet My Mother — by Owen Sheers

Yesterday I found a photo
of you at seventeen
holding a horse and smiling,
not yet my mother.

The tight riding hat hid your hair,
and your legs were still the long shins of a boy's.
You held the horse by the halter,
your hand a fist under its huge jaw.

The blown trees were still in the background
and the sky was grained by the old film stock,
but what caught me was your face,
which was mine.

And I thought, just for a second, that you were me.
But then I saw the woman's jacket,
nipped at the waist, the ballooned jodhpurs,
and of course the date, scratched in the corner.

All of which told me again,
that this was you at seventeen, holding a horse
and smiling, not yet my mother,
although I was clearly already your child.

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Canada's Greatest Popular Musicians Stamps — Out Today


The Canadian postal service
today will issue four
commemorative stamps
honoring native-born
musicians Joni Mitchell,


Paul Anka,


Gordon Lightfoot and


Anne Murray.

Unlike the U.S., Canada
doesn't have a problem
depicting living people
on its stamps.

The stamps are being
issued in round sheets
of four (below)


that resemble a CD.

$2.08 (CAD) for a
souvenir sheet of
four stamps (one of
each artist) here.

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