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June 20, 2007

File under 'I like to watch'


Above, evidence from the June 11, 2007 issue of Business Week magazine that the Chauncy Gardner syndrome bestrides the Internet like a colossus.

[via GRO, my redoubtable Parkville, Missouri correspondent]

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There should be a "Flautist" category for comment-making simpletons of all ages who leave inane, meandering, completely off-topic comments, on a regular, relentless, basis.

Being There is one of my favorite films. It seems like most discerning cinephiles deplore the jarring outtakes at the end, but I love it when Peter Sellers is laid out on the X-ray table, saying (something like) "Raphael said to tell that ass.....hole that" (something something) and he keeps cracking up and all the other actors are desperately trying to stay in character. Great movie. As I recall, Jerzy Kosinski said it didn't reflect the sensibility of his novel, but I loved it. An incredible performance from Peter Sellers.

Posted by: Flautist | Jun 20, 2007 4:12:45 PM

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