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June 14, 2007

Be a rock star — destroy a hotel on July 3 (by invitation only)

Does Pete Townshend know about this?

Reuters today reports that the Spanish hotel group NH is inviting "stressed-out individuals" to apply to take part in the active demolition of one of its hotels.

Here's the story.

    Stressed execs to smash hotel rooms

    A Spanish hotel chain is running a competition for stressed executives to let off steam in a fashion usually reserved for rock stars — by smashing hotel rooms.

    NH Hoteles will allow 30 people chosen by a team of psychologists to help demolish the interior of the 11-year old NH Alcala hotel in central Madrid as part of its refurbishment, it said.

    The chosen 30, armed with mallet and hard hat, can destroy any part of the 146-room building, NH said, from bringing down walls to smashing windows.

    The demolition will take place on July 3.


An item in the Financial Times "Observer" feature concluded, "The group is keen to stress that this kind of service is not available in its other hotels."


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