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June 16, 2007

Kernel Kutter — Episode 3: Price Break


When we last touched on the subject of corn kernel removers back on April 24, 2007, the best available price was $8.99.

Get ready to gasp — my crack research team has located one with the low, low price of $3.99.

And if you order now... wait a minute, joe — that's what the fast-talking guy on TV says, not you.

Pull yourself together, already.

From the website:

    Kernel Kutter

    Quick, easy way to get the kernels off the cob.

    Stand the ear on a plate, slip the cutter over the top and slide it down slowly; the circular blade shears all the kernels from the cob at the same time.

    Adjusts to fit varying diameters.

    Metal cutter is 9-3/4" long.

    Vinyl-covered handle.


You want corn with yours?

Is your name Flautist?

If not, sit down and... well, you know the rest.


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