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June 8, 2007

Margarator Margarita Machine



From the website:


    Makes margaritas and smoothies quick and easy for parties, backyard BBQs and more.

    Finely blends ice so your drinks are never crunchy.[**]

    • Portable — can run off car lighter, making it ideal for tailgate parties

    • Large capacity holds up to 1 gallon, more than 3 times the normal blender

    • Insulated top with carry handles lifts off, keeps contents frozen for drinks "on the go"

    • 120V AC or 12V DC power

    • 19.25" x 10.5" x 10"

    • Metal and plastic



*What would Jimmy Buffett say?

**Because everyone knows that, while crunchy is just fine and dandy and, in fact, considered by many to be the default setting for granola, it's just wrong when it pops up between your jaws in an otherwise flawless margarita.

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