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June 5, 2007

Piano Keyboard Decals — 'Learn music the easy way!'


From the website:

    Piano Keyboard Decals® and Music Book

    Learn music the fun and easy way!

    Removable decals mount between black keys and come with a 64-page instruction song booklet and 47 flash cards.

    Piano decals can be used on pianos, single-board chord organs, and keyboards.


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Clifyt you're lucky that way. I'm an excellent sight reader, but I'll be darned if I can hear something and then play it back on the piano.

I guess that goes to prove that I'm not really terribly musical.

Posted by: IB | Jun 5, 2007 10:58:40 PM

You mean people still look at those black dots on pieces of paper? Even when I was doing classical pieces, I just listened to someone else play it (or a midi rendered version if it was a new one) and that was it. I've never understood the whole idea of sight reading (even when my instructor threw out a transposed score in front of me to screw with me and 'prove a point'...its just as hard to site read a piece you already know in one key and then play it in another as it is to transpose in your mind, but she'd never admit this).

Anyhoo...Notes on dead trees are boring...

Posted by: clifyt | Jun 5, 2007 8:02:16 PM

In my short, lamentable, forced relationship with the piano, I had no trouble remembering which keys were A, B, C, etc. but, man, I could have used something like the note stickers. Or letters placed next to the notes on the music. For some reason, my brain didn't want to decode written music. I never learned to sight read. I had to stumble through a piece, figuring out each note, then play it by combination of ear and muscle memory.

Posted by: Al Christensen | Jun 5, 2007 1:53:44 PM

Ack! As a graduate of a university music program, this kind of thing makes me cringe. It's like learning to type by staring at your fingers. It's a bad habit you're later going to have to break. And who posed those hands for the photograph? If that kid is actually playing that way, his wrists are going to pay for it pretty quickly.

Posted by: Rena | Jun 5, 2007 1:32:25 PM

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