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June 8, 2007

Portable Luggage Scale — Episode 2: Digital Iteration


The analog version appeared here in Episode 1 way back on May 18, 2005.

I guess enough people said take it to the next level that the creators went back to their skunk works to see what they could whip up.

Took 'em over two years but they finally did it.

From the website:

    Digital Scale

    New Digital Scale helps prevent overweight luggage charges.

    This compact scale weighs luggage up to 100 lbs (44 kg) so you'll know instantly if your bag exceeds the 70 lb international weight limit.

    And it couldn't be easier to use!

    Just lift your suitcase, wait for the beep, set it back down, and read the weight on the large digital display.

    6" x 3½" x 1".

    8 oz.



Even a TechnoDolt™ could use it.


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