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June 28, 2007

Shrek Snickers


You are so smart!


Available wherever fine candy is sold.

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No, it's just a regular Snickers bar - just happens to be green... lol Shocked me today when I bit into one and saw green!


Posted by: Brian | Jul 13, 2007 9:00:43 PM

I asked an old friend about the picture and he answered:

It is a nugget bar. Very popular in California . The botton is a type of pastaio paste the upper part is basically a good old Snickers bar except they use hazel nuts along with the original brazil nuts. Where did you come up with this. I haven't had one since we went to my nephews wedding in Las Angles in 2001. Thanks for bringing back old memories.

Posted by: Joe Peach | Jun 28, 2007 5:33:38 PM

yeeech that is actually a candy bar?

Posted by: Jane | Jun 28, 2007 4:13:20 PM

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