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June 13, 2007

The CBS Evening News with... Tony Kornheiser?

Isn't it time to stop the bleeding?

The venerable network's hemorrhaging as Katie Couric's anchor status twists in the wind while the sharks continue to congregate below, drawn by the scent of low ratings and now crossfire from Dan Rather, CBS's éminence grise.

They've circled the wagons but the fire is being aimed towards the inside and they're taking each other out while ABC and NBC sit quietly in the bleachers, enjoying the auto-da-fé.

I'm reminded of a wonderful aphorism about political life in Washington, D.C., from a source I've long since forgotten and which probably wasn't the original one anyway, to wit: "Never try to kill a person while they're attempting suicide."

Good advice still.

For Tony, Monday Night Football is only an intermediate step on his path to world domination.

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I watched CBS Evening News the first day KC was the anchor, and thought she did an OK job. I never watched after that. That said, I rarely (if ever, except the aforementioned time) watch CBS Evening News, or most evening news for the sake of my mental health.

Occasionally if I wanted to catch up on world events, I prefer BBC news on PBS, which has a woman anchor. I remembered the night when KC was the anchor, BBC news mentioned it, and the BBC sentiment was "... and the big deal with KC being a female anchor on the evening news is?"

I didn't like Dan Rather that much to begin with, but he may have a point about the difference in viewer expectations in morning vs. evening news programs.

In the morning you need perkiness-galore to go with that gallon of coffee you're relying to artificially fire up your neurons and keeping you from bashing in the heads of coworkers. In the evening, you just want to get away from all that perkiness, especially the fake perkiness at the office. The last thing you want on the evening news is another big dose of "perky". You want to wind down and if possible, plug into an IV tranquilizer that wipes out your memory of the day.

That's my psychobabble theory.

Posted by: Jane Chin | Jun 13, 2007 3:42:51 PM

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